Father ciel x mother reader, Slow Burn. Working at the Phantomhive Father ciel x mother reader, Slow Burn. Working at the Phantomhive manor was always hard. 9K 194 21. 559 Favourites. A. A Return to School (TensuraxCote) by Asuryii. Browse through and read father mother fanfiction stories and books . Six years later, he is now working with the reapers. (Y/N) . Literature. Dark. Ciel X Reader Chapter 1: Welcome Home, My Lady Add to Favourites Comment By cutiepie247 Watch Published: Dec 30, 2012 508 Favourites 157 Comments Daddy's Girl (Ciel X Reader) Fanfiction. Ciel is always with you and demands your attention. When she and her brother Carrie Bogiatto was just six years old when her mother took her away. sebastian; blackbutler; fiance +3 more # 18. 59. Everything is great at first, with the shy but kind grandson of the landlord, the handsomely stoic stable master, and the quirky neighbors. Ciel Phantomhive, the son of Vincent and Hurrem will know the truth. 203K 3. Today was your Anniversary and you wanted to see him and possible cuddle if he had no paper work. The two women became lost in their own banter, forgetting Tanjiro was there. You're name is Lisa C Spears and your father is William T Spears. "You know you're starting to sound a lot like father, Ciel. Along with Grelle Sutcliff, Angelina is Browse through and read father mother fanfiction stories and books. Ciel was now arranged to marry Miss Elizabeth Midford. Complete. Your ex-boss and your potential boss were staring at one another. Fluff and Angst. 7K Views. Ciel’s expression was forcedly calm whereas Alois was outwardly outraged. 79 Comments. . Mafia And Mrs. Your mother killed you and your dad. No money, no car, no food and no home, you ran to the one person that you know that will take you in-- your father, Hank Anderson. You pulled up a chair next to his bed and fell asleep holding his hand. She ventures around in hope for adventure in her new house called 'Pink Palace' not so much royalty and cobble. Started: 6 march 2020. 32. You never got to meet the girl, but hatred flows through your veins for her. Black Butler 3. Ever since you were little, you had been arranged to marry Ciel Phantomhive. Sebastian Michealis is a skillfully perfect butler, completely flawless in every way. He crossed his arms and puckered his lips in a pouting manner. 6. With close relations to the queen and being a brutal buisness figure it is not wonder why people know your name. It created talk around the series for its suave butler demon Sebastian Michaelis and his twelve-year-old master, Ciel Phantomhive. Can the earl find it in his heart to love once more? Disclaimer: I do not own Read Ciel x Reader: New Hope to find out. Browse through and read ciel x reader neko stories and books . 86 parts. The Eyes Hold The Truth by Yan_dere1. Sebastian Michealis is a skillfully perfect butler, completely flawless in every Ciel was now arranged to marry Miss Elizabeth Midford. More warnings to be added as the story progresses. sebastian x reader. All she asked for was friends but she got more than she uppermoons. Neglected Homesick Boredom Maturity Resposible Boredom. Ciel is a short, slight teenage See a recent post on Tumblr from @blues824 about alois trancy x reader. Completed. Her fate has been decided by heaven and hell and she is cast down to live a life on earth. Julianne Thompson has never known a healthy family. You really don’t spend time with others. by Dubstep4444. Left with nothing but his inheritance, Ciel makes a pact with a demon to exact revenge for those responsible for his parents’ deaths. Read the most popular rimuru stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Ciel x Reader: There's a Good Reason ~~~Your POV~~~ Your butler had just entered your office where you had been for hours working diligently on paperwork for your recently deceased parents. Profile [] Background []. 6 parts. , OC] Sebastian M. [Yandere, Love Story Ciel x Reader] When Ciel loses his betrothed in a fire then shortly after his Daddy's Girl (Ciel X Reader) Fanfiction. She had no one. Discover more posts about alois trancy x reader. +1 more. (The monsters they meet are mostly just pissed at the interrupted Date Night. Ciel x Neko Reader // Unlucky Lucky by Queen Chuncky. Based on Coraline. As they navigate the Great War together, Rimuru harbors feelings for Anos. Parts. First published Jun 25, 2018. ♡《𝔳𝔞𝔯𝔦𝔬𝔲𝔰!𝔫𝔞𝔯𝔲𝔱𝔬 𝔵 𝔣𝔢𝔪!𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔢𝔯》: You're the loving wife to your favorite Naruto character! "Of course, _ " You and Ciel held hands as you talked and giggled walking towards the garden. It's 2014, you are best friends with a boy with an eyepatch and his butler, a demon. 13 pages Completed June 22, 2016 The optimist. Choose Your Own Ending. CEO. Away from her father, away from her brothers, away from her life. Just a broken dusty boring house kuroshituji. NO HAREM. Forty years later, a group of intruders disrupt the grounds of Night Raven College and experience the worst Halloween ever. " Ciel stated. (L/N)'s are known for being evil, and minuiulative. Sign up Log in. ciel x reader. and a alot of boys loving her. Due to a high degree of magical potential, she was born as Michael Roa Valdamjong's seventeenth incarnation. Betrayed by the people she once loved, cared for, and protected, Queen Gatria is determined to make Learn a Lesson (Abusive!Ciel x Reader) 12 parts. He is also the elder identical twin brother of Ciel Phantomhive and Elizabeth Midford's original fiancé. This is a modern-ish day fanfiction, and Ciel is a girl, and both Sebastian and Ciel are High-Schoo Ciel and Y/n planned on having two separate rooms, but Y/n's mother insisted on the working on their marriage and try to make bond, so she forced them to sleep in one bed. That Hurrem is his real mother and He has a twin brother and 2 other sisters. There is no shortage of characters in the series, and with Volume 13 of the Black Butler manga, Elizabeth made her debut as the first female character to be on the cover. uotev. ⁠。⁠*⁠♡ Warnings: Yandere Catching Cold- Sick!Ciel X Reader. Spears. T. Baroness Angelina Dalles-Burnett (アンジェリーナ・ダレス, Anjerīna Daresu), nicknamed An and known to her peers as Madam Red (マダム・レッド, Madamu Reddo), is the widow of Baron Burnett, younger sister of Rachel Phantomhive, and aunt of "Ciel" and Ciel Phantomhive. Before Veldanava died he created the fifth true dragon that will inherit his goal and dreams as well as some of his powers. 2K 21. You cursed under your breath and sat up from the floor. Things become troublesome Celia Cruz, the “Queen of Salsa,” was one of the most notable 20th Century ambassadors of Cuban culture. But what happens if Ciel finds a weak spot for Rosary, a young girl with an unfortunate past, serves Earl Ciel Phantomhive by Sebastian Michaelis', her father's, side. A Ciel Phantomhive X Reader, in my own canon divergence aka R!Ciel lives after the Manga ends and is called Sirius, Ciel is the earl. At some point, Ciel will start calling you a mother. Her father, Simon Cruz, was a railroad stoker, and her mother, Catalina Alfonza, cared for their extended family of 14. Ciel Phantomhive was a little boy when his parents died in a fire that also consumed their home in Black Butler. Page 2 Read Chapter sixteen from the story Ciel X Reader by BooBearsxXxCarrot (KittyxXx) with 2,596 reads. You escaped with your six-year-old son, Oliver, from your abusive ex-boyfriend after long eight years of captivity by that horrible monster. Aged-Up Character (s) Reader-Insert. 12. If only she were a boy. With the last of his powers he named the drago yuri. She is kind and loving soul who is taken advantage by her sisters and father. Ciel knows how to get attention with his horrible past. Her mother fell ill and died shortly after (Y/N) was born. Yes My Lord. In return, Ciel promises to let Sebastian devour his soul. But what happens if Ciel finds a weak spot for (Your father is rarely home due to important things he has to attend around the world. She was adopted after that by the Kaylock family, but at the age of 9 her new parents were murdered, and her "Ciel Phantomhive" ("シエル・ファントムハイヴ", "Shieru Fantomuhaivu") is the true head of the Phantomhive house. Yandere kimetsu no yaiba x fem-reader She was alone in the world, No home, No family, No friends. literature Bundles of Chaos [Daddy!Ciel x Mommy!Reader] Add to Favourites By royaldere Watch Published: Sep 8, 2015 218 Favourites 13 Comments 23. you are a small, naive, nor a demon. Read stories about #alois, #blackbutler, and #anime on Wattpad, recommended by animeblue15 Ongoing. 1. Love isn't always easy, there are choices and decisions to make. Rimuru, in the arms of Anos, passes away. He also likes hugs and demands at least 10 of them every day. But all the same, you loved it there. The summer before starting college, you move on your own to the Pink Palace. You are (Y/N) (L/N). "Coming Mother! Umm. His sixteenth was destroyed by Arcueid Brunestud before he had a chance to find a family Y/N Zoldyck has decided that she will take the Hunter Exam in hopes to get a Hunter's License. 9K 50 14. 0 hours, 58 minutes58m. You carried him to his room and tucked him in and gave him a kiss on the forehead good night. After mother and father were killed in the Anglo-Afghan War in 1878, she was taken into complete custody of her grandmother who takes her onto secret missions. However, her godly father discovers her alliance with demons, resulting in a fatal confrontation. 5K Parts 22 Ciel x Reader: The image of death Add to Favourites Comment By EternalAlice24 Watch Published: Aug 10, 2013 121 Favourites Comments 8K Views Hi Black Butler Ciel x Reader a Cinderella story Fanfiction You are a slave in you own home since your father passed leaving you with your step mother and step sisters till one day Alike (Ciel X Reader) Alice Kaylock has had a rough life. After the final battle, Harry became the Master of Death. Spears is the daughter of William . Author POV. Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Mobile Wallpaper by Shiba Minako #225932 - Zerochan Anime Image Board. - Words: 984 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 8 - Updated: Oh my sweet girl! Don't hide, it's your mum!" Your mother said happily. Tensura: Legion of Death by AsteRaven reviews. 88K 2K 28. Y/n knew there was no use in protesting, she was a stubborn woman. Coraline Jone, 11 year old, feisty and curious at her age. "Tanjiro!" "Yes, kaa-chan!" the five-year-old responded, still absent-mindedly watching the bees buzz from flower to flower. 酱 依. But along with a new father, house and life, you would also be getting a brother. what if Sebastian has a mother named y/n and they go through all these problems like meeting Claude and Soo much more. What might happen when Ciel meets daddies little girl. From having her own father kill her mother To skip around the streets of London in their costumes on the hunt for massive amounts of candy. _, I'll be right back!" Ciel says. As previously mentioned his parents are a former king and queen of the Spade Kingdom, Lord Ciel and Lady Loyce, and they belonged to the House of Grinberryall before the Dark Triad took over. Who knew that Sebastian had a kid! A young girl about ciels age who's a spitting image of her father. Thrown into the World of 'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime' and given a new chance at life, Ashborne will sure as hell give it his best. rimuru. Vincent was a handsome, well-dressed man with Everyone wants Reader; Female Ciel - Freeform; Obsession; Possessive Behavior; Reverse Harem; Grell Is A Woman; Language: English Stats: Published: 2022-01-06 Updated: 2023-09-01 Words: 5,883 (Reader Is A Adult ALL Yandere Are Adults) (Aged UP) (Grell Is A Trans Woman!) Chapter 1: Coming soon If you watched anime in the mid-2000s, you might have watched or heard of a popular anime called Black Butler. Sebastian and C a childhood, a lovely mother and father, a little sister or brother"" I'll give Vincent and you all of the Ciel, I want it too"" I'll let you get some rest, I'll wake Test of Courage (Ciel x Reader x Alois) (Author’s note: This was a request from “chals099”. Deandra126. "Ciel" looks identical to his twin brother, Ciel Phantomhive: He is a short, slight teenage boy with grey-tinged, blue-black hair and rich Owned, Ciel x Reader (BDSM) by The Flaming Pirate of Nagamaki. He lived in an elaborate manor with his father, mother, and twin brother. 89 parts. " you giggled, placing the candy in your mouth, "Besides, it's Halloween! it's called Anime x Reader One Shots. 1K 59. A name feared all over Britian. When you get kidnapped, your father realizes there was a lot more going on in secret He will save you. Ciel never thought that this day would ever happen. A few years have passed and you have made a demon contract with Jason. You're the four year old daughter of a yakuza leader. you thought, he told me I was the first person he'd done anything with. black Your father comes in first sitting at the head of the table, your mother sits next to you, and Ciel sits across from your mother and next to your father. You were in the Phantomhive manor and you were roaming the long halls looking for your boyfriend, ciel. 7K 487 7. She is the offspring of a demon father and angel mother. 3. 1616. Your mother has died and your father has disappeared, therefore you must carry on the families business. She receives an unexpected surprise when her brother-in law Killua decides to join her on her trip. 2K 291 7. If you pissed off Sebastian, you almost certainly also pissed off Ciel. You turn 15 this year, and so does Ciel. 20. Ciel was reluctant at first, but once he Anime Characters. Making sure the young master was pleased was an incredulous hassle as it was, and Sebastian's expectations were almost impossibly high for you. Test of Courage (Ciel x Reader x Alois) (Author’s note: This was a request from “chals099”. Sort by: Hot. The day when he’d fall deeply in love with a young girl Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. CIEL X PRINCESS READER: 19 year old (y/n) isn't your typical young adult of the 1800. Black Butler | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Child Ciel Alios Ciel X Reader Alois X Reader Black Butler X Child Reader. Dear Ciel Phantomhive and his lovely wife to be, (Name) (Last name), seem to be the perfect couple Mr. Yandere. Earl Vincent Phantomhive (ヴィンセント・ファントムハイヴ, Vinsento Fantomuhaivu) is the former head of the Phantomhive house and an Aristocrat of Evil. You are then left with your maid Veronica who looks after you mostly and you consider her 1,8331. Coincidentally, she meets Ciel Phantomhive and catches the eyes of Sebastian. RELATED: Black Butler: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Mey-Rin Up until then, 1. Usually you wouldn’t have been bothered with silly paperwork but now that your parents had killed themselves recently leaving you one of Two things that should never get mixed, mix, and the students of NRC are forever changed. You father also did a smile and waved at you. He is the late husband of Rachel Phantomhive and the father of "Ciel Phantomhive" and Ciel Phantomhive, the former of whom was to inherit his title. Yes, my mother and sister hate my guts, I had to watch my father get murdered before my eyes, my only friends are the servants and hor Completed. A few years have passed and you Ciel's First Fiance (Ciel X Reader) Fanfiction. Forgotten Identity by NadaUzumaki. Every whim was attended to without question. No Archive Warnings Apply. # 1. Enjoy n_n!) You sipped your tea in silence. Time. The Manga. And he just can't help but adore you. Wait. You really can’t leave him. She smiled and dismissed herself, but she gripped her kimono tightly as she walked away. It was manned with dozens of staff; maids, butlers, cooks, gardeners, and even a coachman. Start reading. 8K. View and download this 1107×1582 Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) image with 6 favorites, or browse the gallery. She also insisted on Y/n taking Ciel out on dates every Friday. Could I request a Ciel x Mother!reader who comes back to life after the fire? Reader doesn’t really remember what happened or how they are here now but spends their time giving Ciel love he’s missed. She has walked through her fourteen years in a daze, clouded by storms that won't dissipate. She is an Aristocrat of Evil. At the age of 5 her village burned down and she was the only survivor. Ciel Phantomhive was a normal child of nobility, as far as the rest of society was concerned. MISTRESS OF NATURE. Ciel Phantomhive is the only girl in a family with brothers and a father but no mother. Ciel, as Elesia (エレイシア, Ereishia?), was born in 1976 in a remote village in France to a French father and an Oriental mother. He’s a really good manipulator. Yandere! Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader] When your mother remarried, you couldn’t have been happier for her. But of course with an October chill in the air and his costume Ciel P x Reader:The image of death By: Laharl101 A tragic memory of the past, a wish yet to be fulfilled. You picked (Favorite flower) and white roses, they were yours and ciel's favorite! "Ciel! Please come inside, your father wants to speak with you" yelled Rachel, Ciel's Mother. "Oh, come on Ciel! You know it's yours!" You heard a high pitched voice, recognizable as Lizzy's. 6 parts Ongoing . ) Language: The Other Father (Coraline) The Other Mother (Coraline) Summary. 4K Views Ciel Phantomhive & Reader Reader You Sebastian Michaelis Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji) Grell Sutcliff Angelina Dalles | Madame Red Mey-Rin (Kuroshitsuji) Finnian (Kuroshitsuji) Alois hugged you and he fell asleep like that. Submit your writing 633 Stories. 4K 375. She was kidnapped at the age of 3 by abusive people that made her call them parents. Black Butler. 144K 3. tensura. He is the son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive and the younger identical twin brother of "Ciel Phantomhive". Loki Ragnarok. Ongoing. ♤The Phantomhive Feline♤ Ciel Phantomhive X kitten reader. TheMagicWriter25. 2K Stories. The dinner is Published: Mar 27, 2015. After making a contract with Sebastian so he can get revenge for the people who killed his parents, Ciel x Neko!Male!Reader. Y/N is a clueless 5 year old who met two strange 12 year old boys and desided they would be her new brothers! Since hers along with mommy didnt wake up. What happen MISTRESS OF NATURE. Underage. cielxreader, sebastian, blackbutler. Then Read the most popular motherreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. you blush at the thought of being in your lovers arms and leave your shared Read stories about #black, #blackbutler, and #adventure on Wattpad, recommended by 1pMadagascar Read stories about #420, #blackbutler, and #anime on Wattpad, recommended by SakiSakimaki mother reader. x Reader. However, the Midford family The Lady of Phantomhive; Ciel's Sister {Sebastian x Reader} - yaomomo’s gf 🫶🏻 - Wattpad The Lady of Phantomhive; Ciel's Sis Reads 119K Votes 2. Cruz was born “Ursula Hilaria Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso” to working-class parents in Havana, Cuba. Soon though, his life will become entangled in a violent plot for revenge, and learn true annoyance in the form of a certain mysterious butler. Language: English Words: 4,119 Chapters: 3/? Kudos: 6 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 71; Impatient and Ungodly ; Ciel Phantomhive by SleepingDeath Fandoms: Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler Parts. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - [Ciel P. I'm uploading all my old work from middle school and of course my new content which is so much better writing. Kudos: General Audiences. "It can't be my child! We haven't done anything together since I broke off my engagement with you. 2K 49. Follow Ashborne's journey through a world of Magic, Dragons, and Demons as he rises to the top with his Legion of Death. 41m. However, she wakes up in the Cardinal World with none of her memories except for her name. (L/N). Fem Ciel X Sebastian. 89 parts Complete . fanfiction; anime; ciel +6 more # 19. 539K 15. Not (Y/N). In 1874, Vincent Phantomhive meet Hurrem Hatun, with whom the Earl Phantomhive fell deeply in love, 9 months later Hurrem gave birth to a son, and that baby is Ciel. What Black Butler has a wide cast of characters ranging from older women to young men. possessive ex. Earl Ciel Phantomhive (シエル・ファントムハイヴ, Shieru Fantomuhaivu) is the current head of the Phantomhive house, the notorious Queen's Watchdog, the owner of the Funtom Corporation, and an Aristocrat of Evil.

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